If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that gets a decent amount of snow, then you likely spend at least a few days a year on a sled. Not only is it fun for adults to toboggan, but it’s a great way to get your kids out of the house and away from their screens. However, there are a few safety precautions to take to make your sledding experience a fun one.

First, assess the hill. Notice any patches of ice, any large bumps that could project you into the air. Look at the surrounding area for trees, ponds and lakes, and other people or animals.

Second, assess your toboggan. If it has steering capacities, are they in working order? If it’s inflatable, is it leaking air? Are there any broken pieces that could snap off mid-ride and hurt you?

Third, check in with yourself. Are you wearing enough layers and warm enough outerwear to protect you from hypothermia and frostbite? This is especially important for the kiddos!

Tobogganing can be an awesome and exciting outdoor activity in the winter. Staying safe while sledding is the first step to having a great time.